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To work at Loepfe means to cooperate in a team. Humans with various professions research, develop, manufacture and sell solutions for the textile industry.

And you?

You have proven that you provide top performances in your field.
You look for a new challenge. You wish a new and attractive working atmosphere.

Job contact:

Loepfe Brothers Ltd.
Brigitte Holderegger
Kastellstrasse 10
CH 8623 Wetzikon
Phone 043-488 11 41

Top vacancies

  • Lehrstelle als Logistiker/in EFZ Apprenticeship Wetzikon, Switzerland
  • Service Technician Abroad - Electronics Technicians Wetzikon, Switzerland
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    I am given the space by Vandewiele and the client to always put something of myself into the project

    John Doe - Technical assistant
    Pexels mikhail nilov 6962996

    Why you and Vandewiele?

    Dynamic persons fit a dynamic company

    • You will be working in a high-tech setting where you will learn a lot
    • You will get proper coaching by an expert in the field with whom you will have daily contact for consultation
    • We strive for a concrete realization of the findings from the project within the period of the internship or bachelor/master thesis.
    • We have a vast number of opportunities for technical talent, which makes is very likely that after your internship or bachelor/master thesis you will find a regular job at our company.

    Loepfe apprentices

    What a start to your apprenticeship! The first week at Loepfe focused on the joint production of a short feature film under your own direction and in your native German mother tongue highlighting chores, challenges and workplaces throughout your forthcoming job training. The result is a refreshing, well-scripted and very entertaining visualization of what Loepfe has to offer to its young talents. Good job folks!

    Enjoy watching the video!